SalesEnvy Review – An Awesome App on Skype

Contained in this article – review salesenvy – I’ll help you to understand more about Salesenvy, how the product works, how to integrate the tool into Skype, which promises to help improve customer management.

          As we all know, Skype is a software that allows phone calls to people on the Internet talk to each other with the sound quality of the phone not less common. With SalesEnvy, Skype will become a very powerful tool that can be used as a power machine, a telephone number, and an effective customer relationship management of the enterprise and small businesses should not miss! you will find this is very useful when it comes to show you how easy and cost-efficient this 3rd party Skype app, and the many benefits that come with it.



Creator: Mark Thompson

Product: SalesEnvy

Launch Date: March 10th, 2016

Launch time: 11:00 A.M EST

Front – End Price: $197

SalesEnvy is created and developed by Mark Thompson. He is a famous and successful technology app creator.

SalesEnvy is a utility platform for phone dialing solutions rolled into one terrific package. This Skype app can take over all your phone dialing operations when it comes to managing your relations. And it can automate some of the most important sale processes with just a few clicks.

The SalesEnvy can also revolutionize the way of the organizing think about phone dialing.

Both of these factors are now more significant than ever. This is itself one of the reasons why the smart app for Skype was created and vended.



SalesEnvy has wonderful properties. There is no reason for ignoring it, right?

SalesEnvy Review

Integrated Skype Calling:

Only $3 per month, you can make endless calls without limiting time. This is considered as the cheapest monthly VoIP calling service.

Pre-recorded messages:

If you do not wanna to hold your mobile all the time of chatting, leave a pre-recorded message. It can immediately auto-play after being received. This is a convenient function of this app because the receivers can hear the voice message without touching or tapping.

Call Recording:

This app is suitable for the business and company to check the absence of staffs… With this function, you can ensure the security in the company.

Personalized email:

Have you ever noticed that when you schedule to confirm the next meeting on the phone, the confirmation rates can reach nearly 100%.

At-a-Glance Sales Activity Reporting:

Check your sales team and activity by tracking important metrics like, calls placed, emails sent, voicemails left, connect ratio, which script templates are converting best and more.

Connect other VoIP providers
This SalesEnvy can connect to all of the other VoIP providers using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).
>>>> Using the SalesEnvy app is very easy. You will addict it when you buy and use it for the first time. I’m sure that!
SalesEnvy can take the advantages of the most popular Skype. It is easy to contact the customers and make the huge profit easily with only $3 per month only.


As the written detail information and the special function of this App are informed in the SalesEnvy Review, this app is regarded the best way to contact the customers and promote the product.
If you buy this product, you can easily touch your targets.
Hurry up and get special Bonus right now!

Please comment or judge about this Skype App in SalesEnvy Review when you buy and use it. Thank you for your view and attention!

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